Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Gopher Broke

There it was an earthen mound with gaping maw mid-yawn.
The issue that I struggled with; it stood on my front lawn.
Unholy beast of underground with ill intent conspired
To sully verdant, velvet  turf, from heaven’s scape inspired.

No longer could my noble heart forgive this trespass sore,

For gazing round my garden green I counted thirty more.
I searched my shed for weapons then, and found it, painted green
A grizzly tool of spring-thrust horror the likes I’m sure you’ve seen.

I set this trap with top lip curled then slipped it down his hole

Imagining a gopher’s death or perhaps demise of mole.
Next morning I arose forthwith and crept to frosty lawn
Bending toward the gaping maw I saw my trap was gone!

“That demon of the underworld!”  I cursed with steel resolve,

I’d dig a hole to China ‘til this cruel quandary’s solved!
I found it just twelve inches down, that spawn of hades sent,
A victim of my icy heart, the cause of garment rent!

With ceremony reserved for gore, I threw him in the bin

And let him rot ‘til Tuesday morn when trash day came again!

Stuck in the Cedar Chest

‘Twas a child’s game of hide and seek,
My brother’s turn to count.
Where could I hide he would not look,
Thus settle our account?

Our mother’s room, her closet, No!
He’ll check there first of all.
The bathroom, No! I hid there once.
The chest beside the wall!

I climbed inside that pungent box
On mother’s quilts to hide,
I slowly closed that heavy lid
Then CLICK!  I’m stuck inside!

I screamed!  My muffled cries unheard!
I’m pounding on the side!
If only I had a flash light
I’d find a latch to slide!

I could not breathe! I sobbed and bawled,
To me it seemed a week!
‘Twas a child’s game of hide and seek,
So glad my brother peeked!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Champion's Fated Fall

It was terrible, and then it stopped;                         
A thunderous downpour of rain.                     
As though a hammer had been dropped          
The sky lashed out in pain!                             
A thunderous downpour of rain,                     
A bolt of lightning pierced the air,                           
The sky lashed out in pain          
And left the warlord lying there.                    
A bolt of lightning pierced the air.                           
It dealt our champion sudden death                         
And left the warlord lying there                     
Gasping for his final breath.                           
It dealt our champion sudden death                         
As though a hammer had been dropped.                   
Gasping for his final breath;                           
It was terrible. And then it stopped!     

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Santa's Helpers

Santa is the big kahuna
The one who makes Christmas roll.
And elves keep all the orders straight
And update the “Naughty” scroll.

But who are all those other guys
Dressed up in stores and plazas?
Are they also working for the boss,
Are they subordinate clauses?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Liberty Lies in Your Care

The Rock of Gibraltar stands steadfast,
A landmark to show men the way,
A sentinel post of the ages,
An emblem of quaint bygone days.

And so stand the old guard among us
Whose deeds ever echo through time.
They blazed a sure path to the future
An uncertain, strenuous climb!

But the lines on their faces betray them,
No longer can they bear the load.
So plot ye a course strong and steady
And start down the way that they showed!

They are the hallmark of freedom,
Of courage and stalwart resolve.
But you are the hope of a nation,
No problem is posed you can’t solve.

Decide now, young people, your credo
For liberty lies in your care.
Be it virtue and faith in the future
Or slothfulness, greed and despair!

Monday, October 2, 2017


Funny beetle,
Please tell me why
You have those wings
But will not fly.

You keep them hidden,
Neatly curled
Until you climb
To top of world!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Rivalry

The Crimson Ruby from the North
Refuses to forget!
The midnight sapphire of the South
Still rues the day they met!

A fever wrought of by-gone days
Of insults, blood and shame
Once more the fates’ their pathways cross
Both gladly join the game!

“I hate your face” – “You’ll pump my gas!”
And on and on it goes
But who will wear the victor’s crown?
The fates and time but know

‘Til close of day September nine
When all’s left on the field.
Only one can leave triumphant,
Disgraced, the other yields!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A short ferry ride from the lovely city of Okayama put me on the island of Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s major islands. Mountains in the center of the island have pushed most cities to the coast.  My destination was the small city of Uwajima on the West side of the island.  This small town is booming with modern industry juxtaposed with a rich cultural heritage.  Shipyards compete for harbor space with a plethora of oyster platforms where world-class pearls are farmed.  A medieval castle, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, bull fights, and waterfalls guarded by aggressive Japanese macaques are just of few of the offerings in this area filled with natural beauty and warm people.   

Resting from the hike
Majestic cascade behind
Monkey steals my lunch

The trail to the peak was a long and arduous climb
Which skirted a pristine glacial lake about midway.
Shimmering below, it offered a cooling balm for the heat
And a picturesque spot to rest and refuel for a while.

A short down-climb led to a high cliff that overhung the depths
Of aquamarine waters; crystal clear, revealing a rocky bottom.
Chartreuse lichen grew from the wetted rock face
While damsel flies of cerulean hue darted to and fro.

In the shade of a small oak we were content to eat our lunch.
From our vantage we watched the cutthroat trout feed;
Rising to a caddis hatch. Splashes of watermelon, coral and saffron
Under their jawlines divulged the source of their strange name. 

Fronting the shore, a spacious open meadow served as a refuge.
A doe and twin fawns lay surrounded by tall grass and wild flowers.
Tangerine bells, snow-white lupine, 
And purple daisies with lemon eyes
In hues of lavender and lilac covered the park in waves.

After a short dip in the icy waters, 
We took a few moments to gather our things
And reflect on the beauty and grandeur of this unknown retreat.
Truly we were blessed, our bodies, minds and souls rejuvenated
As we climbed the slope to continue our trek to the snow-capped peak.

Monday, August 28, 2017

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

His hands are folded softly in his lap
To better handle troubles bearing down.
Fortuna comes, but will she pause to rap,
To offer balm or ease a troubled frown? 

To better handle troubles bearing down,
He rises up and makes a solemn pledge
To offer balm or ease a troubled frown 
For those, like him, just sitting on the edge.

He rises up, and makes a solemn pledge.
Still wondering, what will tomorrow bring
For those like him, just sitting on the edge?
A peace will come with fear in shackled rings.

Still wondering. What will tomorrow bring?
Fortuna comes but will she pause to rap?
A peace will come! With fear in shackled rings
His hands are folded softly, in his lap.