Monday, November 9, 2009

Helaman M.D.

To those dedicated physicians throughout the world
who watch over our missionaries!

On the battlefield, with sword and shield
His two thousand sons stood tall.
Holding deep in their hearts what their mothers had taught,
With faith that they would not fall.

And wrapped in the mantle of Captain,
With the knowledge of battles long past,
Helaman stood at their forefront
To encourage his sons to stand fast.

At the end of the day; what price would they pay?
He walked through their ranks with deep dread:
Though each stripling man was weak from the fray,
Not one soul among them was dead.

In the latter-day fire, armed with grit and desire
Our sons and our daughters embark
To seek out the meek, and preach the good word,
Planting seeds in each humble heart.

And clothed in white lab coats or comfy blue scrubs,
With their knowledge gained over the years,
A small corp of doctors stand patiently waiting
To heal, and to calm parents’ fears.

They stand at the edge of the battle,
In the shadows where not many see,
‘Til they answer the call of the wounded;
Our latter-day Helaman M.D.


  1. AWESOME! Something about sending sons and daughters out into the fray always touches a soft spot with me.

  2. Two thoughts: both Josh's. First: You should send that in to the Ensign. Second: Did you intend the pun Heal-a-man? Of course you did. You always do.